Well, fooie

I had to rename this post, lest anyone take me literally. This is a picture of a bathroom wall with missing tile, drywall and backing. *sigh* I wanted to redo it anyway, really.


Among our other renovations? Finding a new pool pump. Add it to the list!

Teddybear Picnic

This is what happens when your big sister loves stuffed animals.

Dennis Honored by Pizza Hut & By Felix ... all in the same night!

The President of Pizza Hut - of the whole chain, not just in Iowa or the franchise our store belongs to - stopped by yesterday and honored Dennis for doing such a great job! I just hope they weren't counting on picking up any insider secrets. The key to the store's success ... is Dennis. Sorry, folks. You can't duplicate badass. :p

You can't duplicate daddy time either. As soon as he got home, Felix cuddled up on his lap and - for the first time ever! - started playing Peek-a-Boo with someone! It was so adorable!  Unfortunately I was not ready to use my video camera in the dark, and the footage is not the greatest. If I can manage to clean it up, I'm definitely posting it!

Strata is really getting the hang of this

Yeh, she totally kicked my butt.

And cue the snow!

Ha! I didn't know that it would be over as soon as all that! Goodbye 60 degrees, hello flurries.

First Slug of the Season

Can't see him very well. It's a cell phone pic, but you can kind of see his little antenna sticking to Strata's thumbnail. She was so happy to find him. Found two earthworms too, but as she said, they ran away back into the ground. heh

We've been having high 50-low 60 degree weather here. It's so nice after such a cold and snowy winter. But I'm not quite convinced it's all over.

Hoping for a good spring for everyone...