In Keystone, South Dakota (Mt. Rushmore-ville)

Well, we're here at Mt. Rushmore.

In the past, we've done our long-distance driving at night. One, to save money on hotels and two, to save the kids from sitting through the misery. We messed up royally by not doing that this time BUT in our defense, we expected there to be more scenery changes this time. They missed most of the mountains on our drive to Orlando because they were sleeping.

However, lesson learned. For the rest of this trip, we HAVE to drive at night. There's no other way around it. Lian was so upset last night pulling into town that I almost couldn't stand it.

We've talked before about renting an RV for a trip, and we might do that sometime. We might not. But these long trips with three kids crammed into the back of a car aren't good.

Anyway ... I've started to worry just a little about the money. We brought enough to tool around Iowa and now half of our budget has gone toward gas money. Hotels are more expensive here too, so I think we're going to HAVE to find some cheaper accommodations or we're going to be in serious trouble. (As in, not have the money to get home kind of trouble.) I thought about listing some stuff on eBay today but thought that might be putting the cart before the horse. We'll stretch it somehow.