Mitchelville and Murdo, SD (Corn Palace & Pioneer Auto Show)

We hit Mitchelville first, but we should have just kept on moving. The Corn Palace is barely "neat". It's a large building with murals made out of corn on the outside and inside. It changes themes yearly. It was not worth the stop on its own (though the kids decided they wanted to walk around downtown for awhile and we found a Really Cool costume rental shop - go Nate.) Across the street is a half-assed museum that I wouldn't recommend either.

The best thing about the Corn Palace were the signs on the way there, and the pictures of the early 1900 crowds waiting to get in that freckle the inside hallways. Mostly there's a huge market around the outside, and a food court in the inside, followed by a flea market in the middle of the auditorium space. No ... we didn't buy anything. This is supposed to be a much less materialistic vacation than those from the past few years (and so far, it's working.)

Along the way, we noticed signs for a placed called the Pioneer Auto Show in Murdo, SD. (What could be a cooler name than that, right?) Because both Dennis and I like cars, we stopped and checked it out. Wow. For 2 adults and 3 kids, entrance cost $30. Once inside we were given a map and the kids got a treasure hunt guide.

While we were inside we kept running into a teenage girl running around frantically looking for clues, and after I found out what the prize was, I felt bad for her. It was a frisbee ... and not a very durable one at that. There were, however, some pretty awesome autos inside (starting with the elephant tank that sprayed water ... did I mention it was 92 degrees?)

Some of the buildings are inside, some exhibits are outside. They had some surprises: an Edsel, the Iowa State solar car, two mini-cars built for great gas mileage, an old hurse with candle lights, a model "N", the last remaining General Lee from Dukes of Hazard (with a working horn) a Superbird, and more...

The kids loved the treasure hunt, and surprisingly, they were really keyed up that they "got an A+" and won a prize. Lian got bored after awhile and started looking for new bugs. We've discovered an endless supply of them here in South Dakota. Not completely new, but those with noticeable differences from those in Iowa. Very interesting stuff for a 6 year old.