Summer Vacation 2008: Day One - Sioux City, IA

The first day of our vacation was extremely relaxing. Dennis played through the video game God of War, and decided that despite the boobies and gore, it was a very fun game with an interesting story.

Our goal with this trip was to explore Iowa a little bit. There are so many things here we've never seen. A quick trip to Sioux City took about two and a half hours by car. We got here late, so by the time we stopped, the AmericInn was full, the Days Inn looked scary so we stopped at the Baymont Inn. $80 for a 2-double bed room with mic and frigde, nice-sized pool (with toys) jacuzzi, work-out room and free breakfast. It's a good breakfast, too. Waffles, hard-boiled eggs, bagels, pastries, cereal, milk, juice and coffee...fruit and toast with cream cheese or jelly. (Can you tell we just got back?)

After swimming and playing around after being in the car, we just missed all the cool local spots to eat and "settled" for Chile's. Great meal (but expensive) but we had the best waitress in the world. As usual, Lian was Mr. Flirtatious. For whatever reason, he always hits on the waitress. I can already here people saying, "That's not flirting, he just likes new people." Let's take a look at the conversation:

"I love you."

"Would you like to come over and play games at my house?"

but my favorite of the night ... "You know what sucks? I can't spell yet." I'm sure he was hoping she'd offer to teach him. :p The worst part is as soon as she walked away, he started working on the waitress who was wiping tables down. Oh, the shame.

Anyway, the plan for today is to see the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center and the Sgt. Floyd Steamboat Museum (and the awesome park that goes with it). We want to stop at Archie's Cafe, too. Looks very retro. We aren't sure if we're going to continue on with our Iowa plans, or go on to Mt. Rushmore. Dennis saw the advertisement in the lobby and is all fired up. But that's life on the spur of the moment. :)

One good thing about these Iowa trips is giving us motivation to get out of town on his regular days off. We've been homebound this summer. I think we're burned out on Des Moines, and the east is still cleaning up from flooding.

My nieces went to Rushmore this year with their dad, and I heard about some really fun things to do there, but I'm thinking we may go through Nebraska instead.