Not Back to School celebrations in Iowa

I used to love the beginning of school. Buying supplies, buying clothes, seeing those friends I hadn't seen all year. Summer is the same way for our kids because once the school year rolls around, their friends can rarely play except for the weekends.

I think people wrongly assume that homeschoolers are only friends with homeschoolers, don't have many friends or infrequently see those they do have. That would be Incorrect. Our kids have a handful of homeschooled friends they see weekly or monthly, but the kids in the neighborhood are daily fixtures in our lives ... for now. While I'm more than ready to have my kids to myself for awhile (selfish, I know! lol) I just wish the school year wasn't soooooooo long.

August is usually host to a "Not Back to School" celebration or two for homeschoolers, and this year is no different. Because of religious reasons, we don't participate in local groups' things so I have no idea what SHINE or SHEEP are doing. (Sheep ... wtf?) But these are two all-inclusive potluck picnics happening in West Des Moines for anyone who is interested:

Wednesday, August 20th from 12 - 4
4th Annual Not Back to School Picnic
Raccoon River Park
2500 Grand Ave, West Des Moines

Saturday, August 23 from 12 - 5
10th Anniversary IDEA-2 Picnic
same place as above

There may or may not be an IHE Carnival this year. While I really enjoy the NBTS picnics, I've been a member of IDEA-2 for almost 10 years. It's the same park, with the same set-up for the picnic so that is probably where we'll be.

It really chaps my hide that I have to choose one or the other. We should live in an area where we have more choices than this. I tried starting a secular group and the religious members (understandably) moved on to SHINE, and the non-religious ones moved away. Unfortunately, despite many a conversation, moving away from this place is not an option, and even more unfortunately, we can't waste the gas to go back and forth to Des Moines every week either. Let alone further East. UGH.

That said, Raccoon River is a really cool park ... complete with water features and a huge wooden tree-house style ship you can run around on. Very fun.

It's supposed to rain today (at 90 degrees) and I hope it does. I am ready for a PURGE. Feel free to note any other celebrations you know about in the comments section...



zamozo said...

Yah, it's a bummer they're so close in time but I guess at least one is a weekday and one is a weekend. Whatever works best for each family, at least they have that choice! We'll miss you at the NBTSP!

Mama B said...

IHE's will be late :) We're still feeling like June didn't happen so our annual kick-off will be in Mid-September. Details are slowly being worked out.

I was very excited for the beginning of school. We're on a roll here at home and my sister's kids (public schooled) were down this last weekend all excited for there start at the end of this week. After a few months of the summer routines I think we are all ready for some change-ups!

Hilary said...

As it was, we didn't make it to either this year because of car troubles. I tell you, it's been a draining year on the pocketbook. lol

I'll keep an eye open for the IHE picnic. Thanks for the heads up.