Mama's Birthday Celebrations

Over the years, I really have tried to change into a better person. People who highly value money or notoriety may not recognize it for much. It's an ongoing goal, in any event, to improve myself. You can't forget there's a point in renovations where things always look worse before they look better.

As part of this, I've tried very hard to be less snipey, less manipulative, less judgmental and nasty, and it hurts to see people who I used to admire for not having those qualities develop them at this point. Think very carefully about what you're doing to YOU in the process. It feels great in the moment, but you can't look at yourself and see anything good when you've trained yourself to pinpoint all the bad in the world. A complete lack of this is the thing I think I might value most about Dennis.

Yesterday I had a wonderful birthday. We went back to Humboldt, and checked out this crazy park on the edge of town. Joe-something-or-other. The place looks abandoned, with extremely tall grass laying flat to the ground, and toadstools and crickets everywhere you look. Big Ones.

No, you don't get it. REALLY BIG. As big as my face, or big toe, respectively.

It's a pretty big part with just a few things to play on ... a pony swing and a regular swing and a broken-down slide that was painted black at some point to cover up rust. The ponies are rusted out too. Strata tried to ride one and scratched the insides of her legs so badly we had to go get some Neo-Neosporin. The swings were something out of Silent Hill. It was a very quiet place though and tranquil in its own way. Besides the owies, I liked it there a lot.

We stopped at a restaurant and drove home to watch Goblet of Fire. We're reading The Half-blood Prince with the kids. I'm very proud to say they have excellent comprehension for a book with so many big words. I remember reading Anne of Green Gables with my mom and not know exactly what was going on. They're keeping up with the story pretty well. Anyway, we have all the movies on blueray, and are slowly watching them all. For whatever reason ... not in order. lol Because we like confusing people? I don't know.

After that the kids went with Dennis to get supper. I took a quick nap, and woke up to a plateful of candle-topped cupcakes, a box of chocolates, a new journal, some very bright colored pens and the best cards any mom has ever had Ever. And I Quote,

"I love you. Mommy you're so lovely and the best mom in the world."

Only my daughter would say that too, which makes it so awesome. Who else in the world says "lovely" like that, really? I'm so proud of the kids because they made the day as nice as they could, and I am so so appreciative that Denn took the day off to celebrate my day. It feels good.