Knitting and Dexter

Weird couple of weeks. The last weekend was very busy, and of course, Dennis had to work both days. We ran through both the Webster Co. Conservation birthday and Apple Fest. Still fit in a few hay rides and some paddleboating, but we more tired than I imagined I'd be.

Now I'm stuck on a Dexter kick. That show is amazing ... unfortunately it's moving to cable, and I have a feeling its going to be the kiss of death. Premise? Serial killer who targets serial killers, and works for the Miami police dept. The combination makes things interesting. HIGH SEXUAL/VIOLENT CONTENT ... NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN.

I'm also knitting. I blame Harry Potter. We're reading Half-Blood Prince, and watching the movies. It's like a former smoker watching a movie where everyone's smoking. Good news is, Lian's scarf is almost done. Bad news is, it somehow keeps getting wider, and now looks something like an unfurled refrigerated croissant roll. But the colors are pretty. :)

Hope everyone else is taking some time to enjoy the fall.



Vicki said...

how many freaking blogs do you have????

Hilary said...

What? I only have on family blog (at a time). lol