Nonsensical Rules Strike Again!

Fastest Winners Don't Win Awards

Two major races recently gave top awards to runners who did not have the fastest time because the winners didn't have the foresight to know they would win.

The races, run by Nike and the Chicago Marathon organization, gave "elite" runners a head start, but despite that, organizers handed awards to the first runners across the finish line vs. those with the shortest running time.

Wesley Korir was robbed of a Chicago win last month, and Arien O'Connell missed out in the Nike race. Competitors aren't sitting down and taking the decision lightly. The "official" winner, Nora Colligan, had a time of 3:06. Arien's time? 2:55. A difference of 11 minutes!

We don't always do "the right" thing but there's certainly an expectation coming from the racing world for Colligan to step aside and recognize O'Connell as the official winner. The race organizers in Chicago gave Korir his fourth place prize in the end. There's no prize for the Nike race as it raised money for charity, but O'Connell should get the win.

Another interesting note was that the official for both races was the same man, Jim Estes, of USA Track and Field. This is his professional email address,, please let him know that this policy of elite runners being the only real competitors is damaging the sport.