Big Brothers, Big Sister

A few days ago, I just knew we had to get away from home. Dennis had (most) of the day off, and it was IHOP's National Pancake Day Celebration, so we went into Des Moines for some free short stacks and a stop at the Science Center.

We only go once a year, so even if the exhibits are mostly the same, the kids feel like they're new all over again. It was such a nice day but the zoo was closed, so we wound up staying here for hours.

We left with just enough time to catch an early supper/really late breakfast at IHOP. WOW. Was it packed! The kids got a kick out of getting free pancakes, and the Children's Miracle Network got an extra $10. I know last year they raised over $800k. This year, their goal was $1 Million and if everyone who showed up was donating, I'd say there's a good chance they doubled it. I bet our waittress' feet still hurt.

I love day trips. :)