~ ~ ~ Feelings ~ ~ ~

I'm depressed. It's official. I caught myself chiding my parenting this morning because our kids don't like Dora the Explorer. Once I realized how unrealistic I was being, I recognized a chain of other ridiculous thoughts that have been filling my brain recently. Geez. It's too bad there isn't a blood test or breathalizer you can take to pinpoint this stuff. I can't rely on my kids hating TV shows forever.



zamozo said...

I was depressed during my first pregnancy but didn't realize it until it was over.

Maybe some warmer weather and sunshine will lift your spirits a bit soon? Focus on eating well, getting enough rest and fresh air and as much sunshine as you can.

I just grumbled at Zoe yesterday because she wouldn't watch a show with me. My kids don't like TV much either. What a goofy thing for us to feel badly about!

We should Skype soon - email me and let's try to figure out a time next week.