Home Improvements: Phase One

I know a lot of unschoolers undertake their home improvements by themselves, but I am serious, every time I try, I break something worse than it was before. The plumbers just capped off the tub faucet I couldn't figure out how to replace a few days ago. More importantly, we had our new hot water heater put in. Hurray! All set for six people. :)

Six people. Saying that still kind of thrills/scares me a little.

This is the first of several improvements we've planned for before the baby gets here. I'm contemplating building a wall in the bathroom and having a shower installed. (The wall I can do.) I'd love to have a Corian shower/bath stall and backsplash. And Konecto flooring. And a bunch of other things we probably can't afford. ;) Eh, we'll work it out. This is one time when I'm actually excited to live in a house.

Other than that, we're making over 100 valentines for a skating party tomorrow, so a nice relaxing bath is just what the doctor ordered. (Though Nathan has called dibs on the first "new" bath. lol)



Vicki said...

are you going to Des Moines for the skating party??? I'm sooo jealous!

Post some pics of you, or at least send me one. I'm dying to see how cute you look pregnant!!

Hilary said...

If our hands don't fall off before finishing these Valentines, we'll be there tomorrow. Strata is SO excited.

I do not look cute pregnant. Thankfully it hasn't happened yet, but eventually I will look like a very big, white toad. (Or red ... since I'm due over summer.)

Glad to hear you and the kids are still enjoying Texas.