No Trips Wasted

I'm a great person to take along if you're going on a roadtrip, but I'm a veritable jinx if you have a destination in mind. :( Half of the trouble is my habit of getting lost, at least once, no matter where I'm going or how many times I've been there before. It's almost a talent.

Today was the Valentine's Skating Party in Des Moines. It was at Skate South which is kind of out of the way, which would be fine if Mapquest's directions were right. They weren't, however, and I had to try and finagle my way there. Granted we started out almost 2 hours late, but after getting lost (wow ... just the twice!) we got there and the place was CLOSED. I thought maybe there would be some straggles but apparently they boot everyone out on the dot.

Now we have 140+ homemade valentines we have nothing to do with, excpet use as reminders of the party we missed. :( How sad. The kids were very disappointed, and for awhile I was really, really in the dumps. Then Nathan pointed out that since we missed the party, we still had all our candy (which wasn't the best thing ever but was enjoyable ... for awhile) and then Strata started noticing all the sculptures in Des Moines. I wish I knew that town better. I know we only caught a handful of pieces. We stopped at the capital too and walked all around, looking at all the art and weaponry and trying to find a way indoors. Denied.

I can't believe we just got home a few minutes ago. We stayed longer than we probably would have if we'd gone to the party, and we'd have those damn blisters on our feet. (Who am I kidding? It would have been great ... but the day turned out okay in the end, regardless.)



Vicki said...

I'm so sorry, Hil! {{{{big hug))))

Hilary said...

Thanks. They are planning another party for April, and I guess over 50 kids went to the last one, so we will try again. Next time - NO MATTER WHAT - we will leave early! (And hopefully I'll only get lost once.)

Heather's Moving Castle said...


Hi! I live close to Skate South. If you want to come over to my place first, you can. I can give you good directions. Maybe we can order pizza or something? Or have a picnic if it is nice? There is a neat park near the rink we could even meet at.

I'm sorry you missed us. :O(

Heather's Moving Castle said...

P.S. You can have the kids bring their cards, if you want. Maybe a few kids will bring some to make for them?

Hilary said...

Thanks Heather. I think our kids would really like that. :)