Small Weddings

Though I often refer to him as "my husband," Dennis and I aren't really married. Not officially, on paper, you know ... just superficially in our hearts. ;) What can I say? I was young and idealistic when we first talked about it, and thought there would never be a better reason to be together except for love, and we had that without the frills. Then came baby #4, and health insurance issues, and now we're looking at a small ceremony somewhere that won't cost too much (or completely dash my very-romantic son or daughter's idea of what weddings are supposed to be like.)

We went and applied for the license today, and pulled out our 10+ year old rings to have them cleaned. We didn't know it until we were there, but we needed a witness to apply for a license so Dennis swung by and picked up his mom ... and this would only happen to my Mother-in-Law, but after filling everything out in black ink the court recorder said, "I'm sorry but you've put down the wrong name."

Turns out, MIL's name was misspelled on her birth certificate. Somehow her parents never noticed (or never thought it would be an issue). So we had to refill out everything and have her put her wrong name down. After that I think she was flustered because she couldn't remember how to spell either of our names, or how old we were. It was pretty comical at first, but by the end, we were beginning to wonder whether they thought we'd just pulled some stranger in off the street. :p

They are going to give us the license though. Either that, or file a complaint with Homeland Security.

Planning a small wedding sounds like fun. I have an unschooling friend who can officiate. She's also a musician and cool as hell, so I hope she has time. Strata is busy looking for dresses. (hehe she is so adorable) Have no idea where the ceremony will be though, so if anyone has ideas for small, secular venues in the Midwest ... I'm all ears.

Hey ... I wonder if we could get married on a Ferris Wheel?



Vicki said...

We've been watching Big Redneck Weddings and they sooo make me want to get married again! This time for fun, not for family. You should get married in TX cause I really wanna be there :)

zamozo said...

We got married in the Rose Garden behind the Art Center in Des Moines. I can't remember if we had to pay anything -- if we did it wasn't much. We didn't get to OWN the rose garden for any amount of time. Strangers traipsed through however they liked. I'd think that if it were short and sweet you could get away with just showing up -- as long as nobody else has reserved it. The roses don't bloom until mid-July though.

Heather's Moving Castle said...
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Heather's Moving Castle said...

P.S. I am giving u a blog award. You can play along or just feel the love.