* * * Thoughts * * *

There's a great book called Feeling Good (Dan Burns) that talks about battling depression through positive self-talk, and through recognizing gaps in logic. I like being logical, and I like my kids trusting that I can take care of them. They won't feel that way unless I believe that's true.

And even while I'm saying that, my mind is ticking off all the things I "need to do" before things will be perfect. Ugh. Fortunately, I have decided not to listen too closely. We were hit with a load of problems the past week, but we're already half through them, and by next week they should all be managed. Better than that, we should be through Step 2 of our home improvements. :)

We may have some other announcements as well. Ha ... we may not. You'll just have to stick around and found out. ;)