Getting Right to the Point

Last night, Dennis got home just before the kids were going to bed. They spent some time together and scampered off upstairs. A few seconds later, Strata comes bouncing back into the family room and in her sweet little voice says, "Daddddyyyy..." which is usually followed by some declaration that makes being a father all worth while. Instead, she handed him an envelope and said, "We need to put a check in this," and bumbled back to bed.

I need to start doing that. The look on his face was priceless.

In other news, if you request a free copy of American Girl magazine it will come with a free calendar that shows a new craft every month. (I think that was the clincher!) You also save a few dollars over the online price.



Heather's Moving Castle said...

Hi Hilary! Are you still hoping to come skating next week? Let me know. I am going to give your kids card and I will see if a few other people want to all.

Your kids' right?
Nathan, Strata and Lian

And you are welcome to come over beforehand as well.