Oh, for Pete's Sake!

Remember this?

We went and applied for the license today, and pulled out our 10+ year old rings to have them cleaned. We didn't know it until we were there, but we needed a witness to apply for a license so Dennis swung by and picked up his mom ... and this would only happen to my Mother-in-Law, but after filling everything out in black ink the court recorder said, "I'm sorry but you've put down the wrong name."

Turns out, MIL's name was misspelled on her birth certificate. Somehow her parents never noticed (or never thought it would be an issue). So we had to refill out everything and have her put her wrong name down. After that I think she was flustered because she couldn't remember how to spell either of our names, or how old we were. It was pretty comical at first, but by the end, we were beginning to wonder whether they thought we'd just pulled some stranger in off the street.

Yeh, they called yesterday ... she forgot to sign it. *slapping forehead*

It's a good thing we waited so long to get married. If this had happened at the beginning, I would have thought she was trying to keep me out of the family. ;)