Strat's first sleepover

Well, she didn't want to really sleep over, which was fine. She went in her PJs and stayed until the other girls were winding down for bed, and she asked if she could come back this morning for breakfast and a little playtime. I was happy the other parents said yes, and it worked out perfectly. The girls were so happy to see Strata this morning. She only stayed for an hour or so, but it was a great end to the party.

It makes me really happy when our kids check out their options. They haven't bought into the idea that the whole world is made up of rules that need to be followed "or else". They don't cringe at making themselves an exception to how things are usually done ... not unless it would really interfere with someone else. And it makes me happy when they do consider that, too, in a realistic way, instead of thinking that any departure from the norm is going to hurt something. I hope that isn't something they grow out of.



Vicki said...

jewel attempted her first sleepover at her cousin's house, but within two minutes she was asking to go home. lol