Welcoming Spring with a Sha-Bang!

I'm uploading photos right now. Photos from my new camera (thanks to Mr. Hil). Today was a busy day so they might not be done for a few hours. heh heh

Encouraged by the American Girl Craft-a-Month Calendar, Strata wanted to make a spring journal. We went to Hobby Lobby this morning and got our supplies: a small notebook, an applique flower and some brads, scrapping paper.

By the time we got home, dad had to go to work and we had to get ready to see my niece take part in "Are You Smarter Than a Fort Dodge Fifth Grader?" at HyVee. We were just a little late, but still got some pictures. Hannah did great! There were also tons of people there to see her. lol My sister and I don't always agree on the best parenting techniques but there are some things she undeniably kicks butt at. Recruiting a crowd (and convincing them to cheer despite Hannah's violent warnings) definitely wins some mom points. :)

Afterward we went to Kennedy Park's Maple Syrup Festival. It wasn't exactly what I expected, but it was fun. There were free pancakes with free maple syrup ... the kids loved it. Then we ran down by the lake to skip rocks and make some new friends, and wouldn't you know what eventually happened? Yeh, Strata jumped in. Who didn't see that one coming?

Near the end of the night, we finally got to make Strata's spring journal. She picked out the paper and embellishments herself. I helped her just a little with measuring, cutting and glue-sticking. And viola! I don't know about you, but I think it looks beauuuutiful.