Resist your assumptions

Smitty's Lawn Care is here doing our spring clean up. YEH ... I KNOW. It's lazy. Don't care. I think I"ll hire them every year. They are so inexpensive. I'm sitting here blogging, spending less than I would have on kraft bags and yard stickers, I'm getting rid of all the sticks, and I have none of the sweat equity. Kudos to me! Oh, and to Smitty's. :)

There's a conversation on an unschooling list right now on what we do when our kids' interests worry us for whatever reason - whether they're gross, possibly dangerous, "weird" or whathaveyou. I guess most of my kids' interests make me nervous. I'm used to getting over myself and helping our kids look through their options. Or, as Pam Sorooshian nicely summed it up, "why not support the interest in ways that are possible." Exactly. Like me wanting to get the lawn tidy but not do all the work. lol Really ... calling a lawn service was one option I'd refused to look at because I assumed it would be too expensive. Once I got over my assumptions, I found an awesome solution that worked out wonderfully!

More proof that you don't have to be a kid to take advantage of all this unschoolary.