Sock Monkeys and Sickness

That mysterious and horrible cold/flu finally got around to Dennis. I hope I'm immune. He's had a migraine for three days, and couldn't get up for almost two. He couldn't even play video games. (You know it's serious, now.)

As for me, I went from morning sickness to a few weeks of recovery to feeling like an overstuffed armchair. I have never been uncomfortable this early on in a pregnancy before. I hope it has something to do with the extra weight I've put on over the last five years and not with an extra LARGE baby. Lian was just under 8 lbs, and that was more than enough for me!

Today Strata tagged along while I got groceries, and when she stopped to put a quarter in a toy machine, it ate her money. The woman at the customer service desk was not very nice about giving it back. Strat was very cool about it and didn't get upset, she just told her she should put up an out of order sign. We grabbed our muffin mix, headed home and when we got out Strata found a $20 bill on our lawn! She is upstairs sleeping cuddled up with Target's very last sock monkey as we speak. Nate's with her, Lian's making his own level on Little Big Planet, and Denn is - sadly - at work. Couldn't get up all day but drug himself in tonight to count inventory, poor guy.

Hope everyone else is doing fine.



Heather's Moving Castle said...

Hope you stay healthy! I am sorry illness is going around. That is cool about the $$$. :O)