Backwards Day

I don't know why I do this to myself. I guess I'm a glutton for punishment. After getting the kitchen right where I wanted it, I decided this would be a perfect day to make a huge meal, trashing the kitchen in the process. Why? lol

It's been such a nice day though that I can't complain much. Nate helped with the dishes, and Strata not only went outside and picked lilacs for the table, she helped me wash all the windows. (Standing in a shower hosing off a screen is apparently a lot of fun ... just FYI.) We got it back to normal in no time, and then Lian wanted to make puppets.

Okay, so there's a big mess on the table I'm ignoring because it's not hurting anybody, or attracting bugs of any kind, so it can wait until my feet aren't crabbing me out. Whew.

We also finally picked up those Triop dohickeys that Strata has been eying at Hobby Lobby forever. They're like sea monkeys, only shaped like little lobsters. Their water is warming up right now, but tonight we'll add the eggs and in one to three days we should have little crustaceans running around.

Pictures to come. :)



Heather's Moving Castle said...

we loved our triops!!!! enjoy your clean windows. :O)i