Junk Day!

Today is Junk Day in our neighborhood - the one day a year when you can put out (almost) absolutely anything and the garbage collectors will take it. It's also the day people put out those things that they'd normally donate ... old lawn chairs, knick knacks, extra planters and laundry baskets, etc.

Dennis really doesn't like the idea of salvaging goods. His dad did that for a living and, for him, it was embarrassing. Our daughter thinks its the next best thing to sliced bread though, so I took her and her older brother out to go scour around. She picked up two bird houses, a butterfly house, and a stuffed animal for her younger brother who didn't feel like coming. She wants to go out later again, just in case people don't put things out until the very end.

We're putting out broken things except for a toddler-sized skateboard that we've had for probably ten years, but no one (that I can recall) has ever liked using. Hopefully someone will stop and pick it up, but if not ... the garbage man cometh.