Loving Nathan's new room

For Nate's birthday, we finally moved him to his own room. It's the old upstairs kitchen at the back of the house. I want it. Seriously. He set it up perfectly - so not the way I would have, but it suits his needs to a T.

The bed is backed up to the sink, right below a small window, and there's another window to the side. Beatuful view with great airflow. Room for a TV at the end of the bed ... I'm laying down and posting this on the Wii. lol (And you thought I couldn't get any lazier.)

Strata and I found a great pillow for him at a garage sale. A big microfiber one for 50¢. We also found a complete Hello Kitty bedding set, with curtains, and a giant HK plush pillow for $15. We were planning on redoing her room next so it worked out really well.

Okay, well now I'm going to take a na- I mean, get back to work.