May Day in Fort Dodge

Yeh, I'm a wee bit disappointed that we didn't get to some of the May Day events around Iowa, but we wound up having a pretty nice day right here at home. It started out rough though.

First, I found some old man in our dryer feeling a pair of my daughter's underpants. I should probably mention we were at the laundromat. Should also mention we are buying her new undies TOMORROW. He said he was just in the wrong dryer but it was the way he was touching them ... not sorting or folding but rubbing. Very "creep me out".

Then Nathan got into a fight with one of his friends and wound up with a bloody nose. This kid is younger and smaller so he's never hit back, but this is the third time he's hurt him physically. I'm proud of Nathan for reacting in the way he felt was right, but I'm also worried that he doesn't defend himself. He isn't the kind of kid who likes hurting other people, so it's hard for him. For now he's decided to ignore his friend if he can't be nice to him. Seems like a common sense approach.

The day was not a total loss however. For one, we had a picnic outside in the sun. Food we made together. Food we had FUN making together. Played outside in our yard for hours. For two, I won't need to wash clothes for a whole other week. And three, after the kids went to bed, Denn and I saw some really funny comedians. Best of all, when I asked Nathan how today was he said it went well. I'm not sure I'd feel the same way if I'd been given a bloody nose, but it makes me very glad he's learning to look on the bright side. You can't let other people control how you feel.



Heather's Moving Castle said...

WoW! That is a crazy start to the day. Glad it ended well. Hope you are feeling o.k. these days. :O)