Return to the Laundromat

Aargh! Remember that whole "I like to do laundry once a week" post? Yeh, well, one trip to the park and prego bladder weakness has changed that plan ... for this week anyway.

We had a great day at Kennedy Park yesterday. I stopped by my friend, Nate's, initially to pick up his daughter. His wife ended up taking all three kids to the park and we tooled around at the playground and in the woods for about four hours. In addition to the two hours we spent running around their house. Did I mention my feet are so tired? Or that both girls got stuck in the mud up to their shins (losing two pairs of shoes in the mud)? Or that the littlest bug shut his finger in the bathroom door right before we left?

We also found a dinosaur in the water, buried a few kids up to their faces in the sand and saw a bat up-close-and-personal. It was a good day ... but tiresome. I think I'll be happy tomorrow to sit on my butt while a few loads wash after all.

And then we'll get ready for Junk Day.