Demonstrating the use of a lever

Our house used to be a duplex and there is a wacky door upstairs between the stair and the upstairs bedrooms and bathroom. Our youngest managed to latch it when he shut the door tonight, but we couldn't wake him up to come unlock it. (I don't know why I assumed you could unlock it from the outside, but ... just in case you ever run into this situation, you can't.)

It's bad enough that tomorrow is Strata's birthday and we have things planned that are probably going to require a full night's sleep. But then the kids started getting worried, and then I got worried because - really - we banged on the doors, we rang the doorbell (which rings right into this room) we knocked on the windows. And then there's the issue of night terrors that he has sometimes. And fires. And a million other things that could happen where a locked door could mean a really bad situation.

So, I, um, took a shovel and pried the door open. heh.

On tomorrow's list of things to do: Buy Wood Glue :/