Last night, Lian was so trying. He wound up breaking my cell phone because I poured his Dr Pepper into the wrong cup, then immediately freaked out once he realized what he'd done. It took almost an hour to get him to calm down enough to find out what happened.

Surprisingly, he was very sad he'd done it. Usually he's just sad he's gotten caught, so - even though I have a phone to replace - it's nice to see how much he's maturing.

He woke up this morning sick as could be though, which makes yesterday make a little more sense. I'm thinking maybe Strata didn't have food poisoning earlier. Sure seems like the same thing. Hopefully it will be over as quickly.

Baby goal for this week is setting up the game room as a bedroom. First I have to find space for all the gaming stuff in the other rooms though. About halfway there. (Good thing this house has a lot of room!)