Baby Felix is Here!

Felix Connell Ferrand was born Sunday, August 9th after about a week of contractions and an hour of hard labor. Very good birthing experience. Very good pregnancy all around, and he couldn't be healthier or more beautiful. Err, Handsome.

We are not exactly cosleeping this time around. He's a week old today, but it's been the rare occasion when Felix has been set down. Dennis only went back to work yesterday, but his schedule keeps him up until morning and then I get up. When our hands are busy, one of the kids cradles Felix until we get done. He's a very lucky baby. Well, save for the noise, and the crazy cats, and the random objects whizzing by way too close to his head from time to time.

Nate, Strat and Lian can't get over how adorable (or boring) the baby turned out to be. I'm very impressed with how they look out for him. They're very interested in talking and singing to, and doing things for Felix - who, we've discovered, loves music. Whether it's The Name Game or Lian playing piano (though he isn't quite in love with Guitar Hero). It'll be very interesting to wait and watch how he grows into his own little person from here, but it's clear that a week out, we are all hooked. :)

Thanks to everyone for the congrats and the well wishes. They worked!