Mysteries of the Universe

Isn't it amazing how ...

Babies only poop when dad's asleep and mom's awake.

Diapers only leak when baby's wearing a nice outfit.

Whenever you've got plans, there's a problem requiring one of you to go to work. :<

Not in the best mood this morning. Dennis has to go in today, all day and he needs his car. This means we aren't going to make it to the NBTS picnic in Des Moines. This also means we won't meet up with our new supervising teacher and swap paperwork, meaning I have to turn in our paperwork and then amend it again this year. I hate doing that! At least I can go to the district building without having to take the baby. And we can amend the paperwork later.

I am feeling very lonely and disconnected this morning, and wishing we were in a more homeschool-friendly area. I'm missing Chicago this morning, and feel the urge to take the kids on the trains and to all the big museums. Maybe take in a Bears game and buy M&Ms from some kids on the sidewalk. Walk through Lincoln Park, hit the zoo and the nature center, and just take everything in. Get out to the Navy Pier.

Instead, I'll clean the house, do laundry, weed the flowerbed, and tackle that annoying paperwork, and maybe check out the Field Museum online. ;)



Heather's Moving Castle said...

Sorry you couldn't make it today, but it was rainy for a long while and a lot of people left when their kids got wet. But I had fun! We'll see you next year. Your baby is beautiful!!! Just try to relax and enjoy the moment. I know it is hard when you feel isolated. But at least you have the internet. :O)

Hilary said...

Thanks, Heather. It's really not so bad. We live in a great neighborhood so homeschool-friendly or not, the kids don't suffer from a lack of friends or things to do. I think I have a little cabin fever. lol