Couch Freak

After almost a month of being at home, we looked over the weather, the location and activities and decided to brave the big wide world with our new baby. He'll be a month old tomorrow, and the Couch Freak Boogie gave the other kids a chance to see something really cool while being in the open with not too many other people. Unfortunately one of those people was a baby hater. :<

The minute we got to the bleachers (roughly 30 people on 3 sets of bleachers, so not in any way crowded) this guy starts talking about parents who should keep their young babies at home "where they belong". I'm not sure if he was worried for the baby, or for his own enjoyment, but what ignorance. I wouldn't have my baby out and about where he wasn't safe, OR if he was miserable enough to cry his head off.

Felix slept the whole time we were there, and the kids saw a few skydivers, plus a few tandem riders, land and gather their parachutes (or bite it and stumble to their feet, in a few cases) before we wrapped up for lunch. We were only there for about 15 minutes.

After that we left (after Strata used the restroom OF COURSE) grabbed some food and headed back out to watch things from a county road. If I had to choose, I'd watch from a distance. You see more of the jumpers, their shenanigans in the air, the parachute colors, how fast they come in or how long they languish. It made me just a bit homesick for my grandmother's where we'd watch them every year. And it got me interested to see the National Balloon Classic in Indianola near the National Balloon Museum. There used to be a balloon festival in Fort Dodge, too, but it's been gone since I was small. It might be something to look up for next year.