This Weekend in Fort Dodge

Even if you aren't interested in jumping out of a plane (tandem dives start at $210, with extra fees for 230+ lbers and extra fees for things like videos) the Couch Freak Boogie is a really amazing thing to see. 700+ jumpers show off their parachute colors all weekend long in dives that happen every 15 - 30 minutes. Growing up, we had a perfect view of the skydivers from our backyard. Lots of people park along the highway or find spots at public parks to watch from a distance, but the experience is completely different from the bleachers at the airport watching jumpers reach the ground. Parking and admission is free, making this one of the coolest and most affordable events of the season. It runs Thursday through Monday.

Also this weekend is the Dayton Rodeo. Dayton is roughly 30 minutes from FD. We've never been so I can't share our experiences, but along with being a real rodeo with riders from all across the US, there is a carnival, kids' events and entertainers. It's worth checking the website out. Check it out before you tell about the kids about it, for sure. It's kind of spendy.



zamozo said...

Wow! That sounds cool! I might try to talk the family into going. Thanks for sharing!