Lian Turns 8 Years Old!

Our wonderful little boy, Lian, turns 8 today. For his birthday, he wanted Left 4 Dead 2, Mortal Kombat Trilogy and a bike. He also wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese, but the weather got in our way. Last year, there was a snowstorm on his birthday too, but we were able to drive through it. This year? The roads were just a little too bad to make it to Des Moines. Instead, he wanted to play games all day and get a McFlurry.

Done and done. :)

Updated with the cake...

Every year, Dennis decorates the kids' cakes, and they seem to get progressively more complicated each time. Last year, Lian wanted Spongebob. This year? A jockey zombie from Left 4 Dead 2. Creepy ... but he did a wonderful job. :)



Heather's Moving Castle said...

Happy birthday to Lian!!! Sounds like a great day to me. :O)

Hilary said...

Thanks :)