Learning Othello

Dennis tried to introduce me to Othello a few years ago, but we had so much going on at the time that it never really caught on. We tried again a few years later, but for some reason the kids lost the pieces before I tried it out. Third time's the charm, right?

The kids - Lian, especially - have really taken a liking to this game. While I haven't played Dennis yet, I have had a few rounds with Lian and Strata. Mentally, it's a pretty good workout.

And no, that photo was not set-up. It's the real result from Nate and Strata's first game: 
a tie!

Learn more about the Othello board game here.



Heather's Moving Castle said...

We need to break ours out again. I love this game! We broke out the Sequence and it wasnt as fun as I remembered.